Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Signs that Biking is Becoming an Obsession

 - You're watching a movie or TV show and instead of following the plot you're eyeing the bike in the background.

- You see a hot guy/girl (depending on your preferences) riding toward you and the first thing you notice is their awesome headlight (not a euphemism).

- You don't need to go to work, appointments, or run errands, it's 87 degrees/70% humidity, no breeze and you go for a 30 mile ride anyway.

-Opposite extreme - same no reason to go anywhere, it's 20 degrees with a wind chill of 11 and you're looking for your toe warmers so you can take a ride.

- Every potential new piece of clothing is evaluated on it's visibility.

- You have five, red, flashing lights on the back of your bike and you're trying to figure out where to put another one.

-Thunderstorms only concern you if the flash floods wash out the trail you're on.

- Given the choice of a bike ride or romantic evening you have to think about it.

Today fell into a couple of those categories: Unable to go early in the morning due to other commitments, we started our ride late on a hot, soupy day.  Why?  Because we could!  Halfway through the ride the sky darkened and thunder began, but it didn't really disturb us.  In fact, we stopped and sat in the shade for a bit just so we could take our helmets off and let the heat escape. We sat there listening to the thunder and debated whether or not we might get wet on the way back, but it didn't motivate us to hurry.  We had anticipated the possibility of rain and had opted to wear water shoes just in case.  Hey, if your feet are comfortable it's half the battle.

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