Friday, October 4, 2013

Duck, Duck, Coffeeneuring

When I started this I planned to only write when I saw something interesting enough to warrant a post.  Thus the stretch of silence recently.  Last Friday we did ride into town to observe the arrival of the Giant Rubber Duck Project.  I opted to not write about it at the time because it seemed that everyone in the city had turned out to see it or write about it themselves.

Today it gets mentioned here only because today our interface with the duck had an interesting twist.  Today was the start of the Third Annual Coffeeneuring  Challenge, and the new set of rules allow for one instance of "Coffeeneuring without walls".  We just couldn't resist the idea of executing this with the Giant Rubber Duck.

For those of you who have never coffeeneured, I would invite you to check out the rules at the link above and consider trying it.  It's a fun way to spice up your rides and to motivate you to ride when the weather is starting to lure you into hibernation mode.

Today's weather was way too nice to require an extra push to get us on our bikes, but we still enjoyed doing something a little bit different.  We took a camp stove heater, extra water, tea and instant coffee and brewed our hot beverage at the Point while we watched the beginnings of the daily duck fan club forming.  After a week of floating in the Allegheny River, the duck's popularity remains strong.

The rest of our ride was pretty uneventful.  We departed the duck and headed out to the Waterfront in Homestead for lunch. About 31.5 miles worth of biking with gorgeous, unbelievingly beautiful, fall weather and great company.  Made it home before any of the showers started too.

If you haven't seen the duck (or too many pictures of it already) and want to see more, here're some photos taken last Friday when it arrived in the 'Burg.  Enjoy.

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