Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Bird on a Bike

In the roughly two years that I've been riding my bike around Pittsburgh I've seen a few odd/interesting things.  I'm always amused to see people towing their dogs in a trailer; with their cat in a basket; or even pushing their trike while the dog sits on it.  This was a first though... a guy riding with his parrot on the handlebars:

This is the image that made me want to start a blog.  Some things are just more fun when you can share them.  I expect that not all the images I post here will be this unusual, but I'll attempt to stay away from the mundane.

One of the other things happening around the city that caught my eye today was the yarn-bombing of the Andy Warhol (7th St) Bridge.  An incredible amount of yarn and time went into this project, and this weekend all the individual efforts melded together to create one huge, colorful display.  In this image it's maybe 1/3 completed. The volunteers were working hard to finish before Monday morning.

Just down from this bridge I found the North Shore full of fire trucks.  Many of them were shooting water out into the Ohio River, cooling off the boaters and kayakers that ventured close.  This was the Annual Antique Fire Truck Muster.  SPAA (The Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America) holds this gathering each year.  Some vehicles are owned by communities, and some are privately owned.  Not all of them are antiques either.  Some of the local fire departments bring their new flagship trucks down for the festivities.

Vehicles compete in various categories and are awarded trophies.  They even had a competition for the Dalmatians.

If that wasn't enough unusual encounters for this ride, on the way back to the trailhead I ran into this couple just starting out on their own ride:

They explained that the rear wheels of their "Roadrunner" (named Wiley - even though they know he was the coyote) has independent gearing on the back wheels so they can each pedal at their own speed.  Very cool.  An interesting end to an interesting day on the trails.

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