Monday, August 12, 2013

Warm and Fuzzy

This morning the yarn-bombing of the Andy Warhol Bridge was almost complete, and although I work hard to keep them out of the photos we saw lots of people admiring the results.

Each section of the bridge railing is wrapped in two afghans - one displayed along the sidewalk and the other on the outside facing the river.  When this installment is removed next month, the blankets will be cleaned and donated to the homeless.

That's a lot of blankets.  Our warm and fuzzy bridge will eventually keep lots of people warmer.

Some of the patterns are simple while others are fairly complex.  They're all interesting and creative.

After admiring the artwork, we rode down through the newest section of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and were very pleased to see that Costco had added bike racks!  This, of course, is only exciting if you happen to ride a bike and like to stop by Costco when you do.  We do.  This Costco is positioned right, smack, dap on the GAP and they have a very good cafe inside.  It's great to not have to lock the bike to a tree now.

The new racks are on the left side of the entrance.

We rode on to Braddock, hoping to have breakfast in the Braddock Community Cafe.  It's run by the Braddock Youth Organization and they have very good food, locally sourced.  It's well worth the detour from the GAP - only a short ride across the Rankin Bridge and into town.  For some reason the cafe was closed today so we had to search elsewhere for our breakfast.  Riding through Braddock we noticed a new street beautification effort.  Several street corners now have a trio of planters (one is hidden behind the large planter in this picture) full of flowering plants.  Nice touch.

About a month ago we came across these  inspirational and  motivational signs here.

Braddock is working harder than any other community to improve itself.  Each time we ride through this town we see signs (no pun intended) of progress. These people have a lot to be proud of.

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