Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Wonder of a Phone Booth! Klavons 2 .0

We witnessed a funny thing today.  Started out finishing the job we began on Sunday - marking road hazards for an upcoming bike ride.  When we completed our task we decided to stop by and try out a new ice cream shop.  It's actually a very old ice cream shop, in a building that was once a pharmacy with a counter-service soda fountain.  They still have the original decor from the 1920's, and that includes built-in phone booths in the back corner.

As we sat at the counter finishing our well-deserved treats, we were struck by the scene taking place at the back of the store.  Two young kids were absolutely delighted to discover the phone booths.  They were thrilled to find that the lights came on when you closed the doors, and a man that appeared to be their grandfather was taking pictures of them in the booths with his smart phone!

We've been in this store before, but now it's under new management and we like it.  The original counter, phone booths and cabinetry are still there, but the new Klavons has been cleaned up and now they offer Penn State Creamery ice cream.  They're having their official grand opening of the new and improved version this Sunday (25 Aug 2013).

Today they had training in progress and that included learning how to make designs in the cappuccino:

We put in our request for a bike design, but they looked skeptical.  They did seem to think that they might be able to work on duplicating the local bike rack design, so we'll have to see if they can swing that next time.

After enjoying the ice cream treats, we continued to ride and discovered some street art about a mile away that seemed to show real talent.

These were located on the same property - same colors of paint used - so I'm guessing perhaps the same talented artist.   I'm not a fan of graffiti when it's destructive, crude or offensive.  When the images are as good as these it's hard to object though.  Besides - I don't know if this artist had permission to paint these here or not.  Maybe they live here or know the owner.  All I know is that I kind of liked them and wouldn't mind seeing other art by this person.

Short ride (around 15 miles) beautiful weather, and an ice cream stop.  Not a bad way to spend the day.

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